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5th Edition Hints or Solutions

An Explanation

The Retail Alphabet Game is a hobby of mine dating back to 1997. The current edition was released in 2003. From the time the Game first launched, my policy had been to never provide hints or solutions to the current edition. Instead, as new editions are released, the full and complete answers to the prior edition have been made available.

Notwithstanding this (and the pleas I had placed on the site requesting that people not ask me for help), the daily requests began to inundate me. As a result, I've given in to the demand, but with a catch: hints and solutions to the current edition are now available on the site, but at a price.

My sincere hope is that players will have fun with the Game and not short-circuit it by learning of the answers they didn't discover on their own. As a result, each hint and solution is priced high enough to give you pause, to determine if you truly want the answer badly enough that you'll pay for it, rather than continue to use other means at your disposal (such as asking friends or walking around the city).

Please note: my goal here is not to get rich, nor really to make much of any income from the Game. Truly, I want to discourage you from giving in.

With that being said . . .

Purchase a Letter Hint or Solution

This will allow you to purchase a single-letter hint or solution with your credit card using PayPal.
Each letter for which you want a hint costs $4.
Each letter for which you want a solution costs $8

Purchase HINT for letter: $4 USD

Purchase SOLUTION for letter: $8 USD

After paying, you MUST wait 10 seconds on the confirmation page in order to be automatically redirected to the solutions area. You will receive your hint/solution immediately over the WWW, NOT by email.


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