It's been noted as intriguing, addicting, and even a bit unnerving . . .

The Retail Alphabet Game is one part puzzle, one part self assessment, and a pinch of postmodern art.

When you select one of the editions to the left to play the Game, you will be presented with 26 alphabet letterforms, extracted from product and corporate logos within the United States.

Your job is to figure out the source of each.

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Answers are available to all editions except the current one. Educators or those interested in publishing the Game and/or its answers should email Joey Katzen to attain distribution rights. Answers to the current Game will occasionally be made available to those interested in licensing the Game.

This site is a hobby, and no guarantees are made as to its accuracy or availability at any given point in time. Of particular note, previous editions may (and are actually known to) show logo forms that are no longer the current versions used by their owners.

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It's harder than you think.
Yahoo Picks of the Week (January '97)
Consumers . . . can put their skills to the test.
Detroit Free Press (May '02)
If you're prone to hair pulling, you might want to put on a hat before accepting this challenge.
Christian Science Monitor (May '05)
When you finally have your fill of the tempest over typeface, you can relax with an online diversion, a found alphabet whose individual letters look strangely familiar.
New York Times (May '05)
A special bonus just for you teachers.
And for those who already know their ABC's, I recommend the Retail Alphabet Game.


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